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8th Wall AR Demo

Showcasing the power of 8th Wall + WebAR, Valtech has built demos that highlight some of its core features, including World Tracking, Image Targets, and Position Tracking.


World Tracking:
Create markerless experiences that allow the user to place interactive 3D content in their real-world environment.

Image Targets:
Allows web apps to instantly detect and track any uploaded image on flat and curved surfaces.

6DoF Positional Tracking:
Allows the user to explore their space and interact with AR content using only their smartphone camera and gyro.

Surface Estimation:
Allows detection of the ground or other flat surfaces such as tables for precise virtual object placement.

Lighting Estimation:
Lighting levels in the user’s real-world can be used to match the lighting in an AR scene.

World Points:
Points in the world can be detected and used by an AR experience for visualization.