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Real-Time Deepfake

We explored how to face swap with celebrities and coworkers in real-time.
We used DeepFaceLab, the leading open-source software used for creating deepfakes, to create a custom-made deepfake of Valtech's SVP of Connected Experience. 

Mastering deepfakes technology is the first step to creating smart digital humans. By combining deep learning, artificial intelligence, and animation techniques, brands are deploying lifelike interactive digital humans to deliver powerful personalized experiences. 

Digital people in action. Solve real-world challenges.

  • Create a digital workforce to deliver knowledge and learning.
  • Leverage digital influencers to drive brand engagement.
  • Invest in the metaverse future with digital avatars.
  • Deploy digital assistants to enhance virtual consultations and deliver an empathetic customer experience.
  • Customizable digital humans to increase affinity and nurture customer loyalty.