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Valtech Vantage

Valtech Vantage is a unique retail solution that gathers data about consumer in-store behavior and connects it with web analytics to create an omnichannel consumer profile powering marketing personalization.


Today’s consumers demand not only unique omnichannel experiences but also a frictionless journey on and offline. Valtech Vantage intertwines these demands seamlessly. The platform gathers consumer behavior in physical locations and connects it with web analytics to create an omnichannel consumer profile powering marketing personalization. The data from Vantage integrates with other retail data sources to develop new capabilities.

Even before your customers enter store, while they are still window shopping, Vantage is collecting data about how many passersby’s you attract in. Our SAAS technology connects the entire store – from the entrance to the perimeter via your existing in-store Wi-Fi – to enable data collection and site mapping. Detailed analytics about all anonymous visitors is tracked and available for you to get a broader understanding about your general traffic flows and visitor counts.

Once the customer opts into Vantage, the platform immediately starts generating data about their personal journey. This information, combined with on-line data collected from your website on digital customer journey patterns, provides an invaluable set of tools to enhance the omnichannel customer journey. Based on the frequency of visits (both digitally and physically), Vantage sends out loyalty promotions and offers based on web searches and social likes. Consumers will think brands are reading their minds, but the combined physical/digital data is the actual driver behind the operation.

Both online and offline customer data is integrated to provide cross-channel analytics and personalization. Behind the scenes, Vantage integrates CMS data creating an omnichannel customer profile. Such insights equip retailers with an new suite of tools to drive sales and develop a deeper brand/consumer bond like:

  • A Single Customer Profile – an integrated view of how each customer interacts with a brand across all channels

  • Customer Journey Mapping – an understanding of how customers interact with on and offline properties through their entire journey

  • Program Performance – the ability to measure the omnichannel impact on marketing programs and campaign performance

  • Cross Channel Marketing – a new way to communicate across channels and increase sales across properties