What is the long term outlook for customer engagement in the wake of pandemic?
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The New Normal

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When COVID-19 hit, the world scrambled to adapt and survive. 2020-21 was a brutal period for many B2C businesses, marked by economic hardship, temporary and permanent closures of stores, health scares, and widespread job loss. In addition, consumers were forced to change their behavior – navigating new brands, channels, technologies and processes in order to meet their needs during these unusual times.

While the COVID-19 pandemic will be forever seen as a devastating period in history, this time of upheaval was, and continues to be, a significant catalyst of innovation and change across the B2C sector.

The customer journey from initial awareness to the point of purchase is in the midst of being fundamentally reshaped through the course of the pandemic. At Valtech, we believe that many of these changes are here to stay.

- Pontus Persson; Strategy, Research Lead
Strategic Foresight

We aim not to predict the future but to identify and explore its possibilities.


What is the long term outlook for customer engagement in the wake of the pandemic?

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