Innovation Starts With Experimentation

Now, more than ever, is the time to start experimenting and using our imagination as guidance. The world is constantly evolving, and new possibilities arise endlessly to those who look for them. On this site you'll find all of the sketches, design ideas, proof of concepts, and working experiments we are exploring.

Automated Question Visualizer
A word graph tool to collect and visualize a large number of text based answers to a question.
To help retailers rapidly test new brand and product concepts, we created Chameleon. This prototype pop up store allows brands to quickly move into a high traffic location and swap brand footprints instantly.
Wearing a headset, customers can view every last detail of the tents in imaginary situations, and compare models.
Dynamic Store
A “store of the future” experience for customers and retailers that uses data to fuel dynamic changes to in-store environments and experiences.
Explore 360
We created the Explore 360 prototype to research new possibilities for customers to interact with the product while engaging in a rich and immersive experience.
Gaze Tracking
Move your face to direct a cursor.
Gestures Prototype
Use hand signs to navigate a sequence of slides. Give the camera a 👍 or a ✌️ to learn about touchless innovation.
KickSnap is a demo that shows how motion tracking using mobile devices can be effectively used for building immersive web apps.
MAC Cosmetics: Customer Profile Via QR Codes
Through QR codes, visitors of the MAC Innovation Labs in Queens Center can easily keep track of all their in-store experiences and personalizations on the go.
MAC Voice UI
We have developed a voice activated interface prototype for MAC to allow their customers to try on makeup using only voice commands.
Cosmetics giant MAC harness technology to create an inspiring studio for customers to c-create, play and learn.
Consumers can start and complete the buying process from anywhere in an immersive way.
Pulse Finder
We created the Pulse Finder to show retailers can potentially gather additional insights on overall customer satisfaction without using facial expression detection, speech analysis or wearables.
Remote Manipulation
Scan a QR code to journey through the solar system. Control 3D models of the planets on a larger screen with your smartphone!
Rules Harvester
Rule Harvester is a general purpose rules engine. It processes rule definitions and allows for a highly configurable rules engine with custom inputs and outpus.
Skyfold VR is a commercial photo realistic VR project built for the Vive Focus headset.
The Spyglass POC uses Web AR to help demystify skincare products in a retail and home setting.
Super Transformer
This package provides scripts to transform incoming strings using templates.
Tech Spike: AMQP Cacoon
This is a basic library to provide amqp support. Originally, this library was a wrapper around amqplib.
Tech Spike: Coronado Bridge
Coronado Bridge is a simple general purpose router of all HTTP requests. It will wrap all RESTful calls from external systems and pass those JSON message into a outbound provider.
Tech Spike: Docker Nginx Webserver
This is a simple example of how to build, generate certificates for, and serve a website using Docker!
Speech syntheses, or text to speech technology, is the artificial production of human speech.
Valtech Attend
What would you do with the ability to tell your customers how many people were in your store, warehouse or clinic at any given moment?
Valtech Vantage
Valtech Vantage is a unique retail solution that gathers data about consumer in-store behavior and connects it with web analytics to create an omnichannel consumer profile powering marketing personalization.
Virtual Concierge
To help turn shopping browsers into buyers we at Valtech have developed an AI powered voice concierge, which immerses customers into an audio driven shopping journey.
Virtual Consultation
This prototype allows a consultant to guide a customer through a quiz and generate product recommendations.
Virtual Sanctuary
360 pop-up store that can be viewed in VR with interactive elements to tell a product story, provide information, or launch eComm.
Voice Clienteling I
Interact with a virtual assistant in this touchless shopping experience.
Voice Clienteling II
This experience uses voice recognition to demonstrate how customers can find the perfect fit while shopping.
Way-Finding And Points Of Interest Voice Interactions
Use voice commands to assist your guests without forcing them to touch a public screen.
WebAR Jacket
With modern smartphones it is now possible to deliver performant AR experiences from the browser using web technologies.